The following represents some of the human resource activities that we can help you with.  If you don’t see what you had in mind, just ask! 

Compliance:  The HR “Alphabet soup” (FLSA, ERISA, EEOC, COBRA, ADA, FMLA, INS, FICA, TITLE VII, SPD, BFOQ, ADEA, STD, DOL, I9, etc. etc. etc.) can create  confusion even among experienced professionals.   We can help you figure it all out.  Some of the areas we can develop for you, or review what you have, include:

 HR Policy Manuals – putting policy in place helps
      bring fairness and consistency to the workplace,
      and helps you defend certain actions if needed.

Employee Handbooks – communicating to
      employees what your policies and expectations are
      can help them know what’s expected of them.

Sexual Harassment – we can develop a new
      policy for you or review your present policy.  Most
      importantly, we will train your managers and
      employees so that they understand this complex
      issue and help you avoid costly lawsuits.

Recruitment/Selection/Employee Relations: Selecting the right staff and then motivating and developing them to deliver optimal performance is critical to the success of any organization.  We can help you along every step of this process.

  Screening and  Selection Interviews:  We’ll do
        them for you and/or train your staff to conduct
        interviews that are legal, and assess the
        candidate’s ability to do the job.

  Assessment:  We use an assessment tool that
        provides both a picture of the candidate’s mental
        abilities and personality traits.  We also have a
        database of hundreds of jobs that serve as a profile
        benchmark.  We can use this for pre-employment
        selection or development.
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   Performance Management:  We can design
         and implement a performance management
         system to identify and measure individual
         performance as it relates to business goals. 
         We’ll train your staff to manage performance for

   Coaching:  We can provide coaching to
         managers or less experienced HR staff on difficult
         employee relations issues and other HR matters.

   Employee Attitude Surveys/Focus Groups:
         If you really want to find out what your employees
         are thinking, just ask them!  We conduct attitude
         surveys and/or focus groups relating to particular
         issues or general climate concerns.

Compensation and Benefits:  Your compensation and benefit programs must be aligned to support your business strategy.  Sometimes, when these get put together one at a time as the organization grows,  the programs lack a coordinated approach.

     Benefits Programs – We can review your
          existing program, or help you start a new
          program.  We can also work with you to
          communicate that program most effectively so
          that your employees realize their full value.
     Job Descriptions – Are your job descriptions up
           to date?  Do they appropriately reflect the scope
           of the job?  Are they legally compliant?  We will
           review your existing descriptions, or create them
           for you.

       Recognition Programs:  Recognition is a
             powerful and often neglected management
             tool.  We can work with you to design and 
            implement a non-monetary reward and
            recognition program to meet the objectives of
            your organization.